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Re: JAWSAT Signal Report

Hi Ron and others

At 03:47 PM 1/29/00 -0500, you wrote:
>At 11:49 AM 1/29/2000 -0700, R. Kohlwey wrote:
> >Stensat is being deployed by OPAL which was deployed from JawSat.
> >If we refer to JawSat as the frame that Opal, OCS, ASUSAT, and
> >Falconsat were deployed from and refer to Weber-2 as the ham sat left
> >on the frame we might not have this confusion.
>Is this what the construction and deployment was?
>                |--Opal --------|- Stensat
>                |               |- OCS  (3.5 meter sphere)
>                |               |- DARPA/Aerospace (2 tethered sats)
>                |               |- Artemis Santa Clara (3 sats)
>                |--ASUSat
>   JAWSat-------|--FalconSat
>                |
>                |--Weber-2 (not sure what this is)
>                |--PEST (Marshall Space Flight Center)

No Like This.

T+??? sec    Weber-2 deployment imaging experiment enabled.
T+740 sec.   ASUSAT-1 deployed
T+770 sec.   OPAL deployed
T+800 sec.   OSC deployed
T+925 sec.   Falconsat deployed
T+1062 sec. JAWSAT (Weber-2 + PEST experiment) deployed
T+106?         Weber-2 Activated
T+???? sec  Weber-2 Deployment imaging experiment disabled

Yet to come from OPAL
Deployments of
         DARPA/Aerospace (2)
           Artemis (1)
         Artemis (others)

Not sure of order or when/.
                 |--Weber-2 (not sure what this is)

Weber-2 is the attitude control experiment done by CAST at Weber State
university.  PEST is a experiment/hardward provided by Marshall Space
Flight Center and it communicates with Weber-2 (someday soon it may be
given an amsat number and be WO-xx)

>If this is correct, then please someone tell us which payloads transmit, 
>or will transmit, on amateur frequencies.

I have heard Weber-2,  Opal and ASUSAT all on ham frequencies.

It has been stated elsewhere that:
         Falconsat is  NOT on Amateur freq.
         Darpa/aerospace is NOT on Amateur freq.
         OCS has not transmitters or receivers

Stensat has not be deployed yet but will be on amateur frequencies

Than leaves Artemis?

>And will they transmiit
>   1. continuously throughout the orbit.
>   2. on a timed schedule throughout the orbit.
>   3. when commanded at any point in the orbit by any amateur(Stensat ping)
>   4. only when over a certain location and commanded by a command station.
>   5. other.

When now or latter?  In most cases it is only uploadable software.

For now Weber-2 is in boot mode and beacons for 30 seconds and waits
60? between beacons on 437.070 and 200? secs on 437.175.  If anyone
hears it let me know the interval.  The interval should not be longer that
255 seconds.

When it receives a valid command from the ground the transmitter will be
turned on and stay on until the next beacon is sent.

No code supporting users has been uploaded yet.  The FM bent Pipe has
not been activated yet.  The PEST experiment has not been turned on yet
will not for at least 10 more days.

The S-Band transmitter 2403.2 should not be on.

>Someone should be able to clear up the confusion that still exists and 
>save a lot of useless listening.

You mean someones!  There are 12 groups involved with this launch. I have
never talked to the StenSat or Atrimus groups about there satellite. These
are not run by Amsat but I know some have been given a lot of help from amsat

I would like to thank all those who have been listening for our signals from
our Weber-2 hamsat experiment (JawSat has competed its job). I have been 
responding to e-mails all of  today. I sorry if I have missed any.  I hope 
they have
helped and been understandable.  I have not had much sleep since the launch
on the 26th.  Where did all the days go?

73, Randy N7SFI

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