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Re: JAWSAT Signal Report

At 11:49 AM 1/29/2000 -0700, R. Kohlwey wrote:

 >Stensat is being deployed by OPAL which was deployed from JawSat.
 >If we refer to JawSat as the frame that Opal, OCS, ASUSAT, and
 >Falconsat were deployed from and refer to Weber-2 as the ham sat left
 >on the frame we might not have this confusion.

Is this what the construction and deployment was?

                |--Opal --------|- Stensat
                |               |- OCS  (3.5 meter sphere)
                |               |- DARPA/Aerospace (2 tethered sats)
                |               |- Artemis Santa Clara (3 sats)
                |--Weber-2 (not sure what this is)
                |--PEST (Marshall Space Flight Center)

If this is correct, then please someone tell us which payloads transmit, or 
will transmit, on amateur frequencies.

And will they transmit

   1. continuously throughout the orbit.
   2. on a timed schedule throughout the orbit.
   3. when commanded at any point in the orbit by any amateur(Stensat ping)
   4. only when over a certain location and commanded by a command station.
   5. other.

Someone should be able to clear up the confusion that still exists and save 
a lot of useless listening.


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