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RE: JAWSAT questions

I don't have time for long answers right now, but since more than one
person asked, i'll answer briefly:

    That is NOT my question.  My question is, does JAWSAT have
    to be alive and responding to commands to deploy the smaller
    payloads attached to it?

It has already:

    >At this point JAWSAT has completed its primary function of getting
    >those four payloads into space.  I have heard signals from ASUSAT-1,
    >Opal and JAWSAT (Weber-2), I have seen reports that the Air Force
    >Acadamy is talking to FALCONSAT.  And I have seen the OCS.

				  - N7SFI  [rejustified for readability]

What you are probably thinking of is OPAL.  It contains three picosats,
STENSAT, Artemis and another (i can't think of at the time).  This are
expected to be released within the next few days presumably as soon as
the health of OPAL has been determined.

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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