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AO-27 log book from St.Croix

Hey gang,
Thanks for all the great contacts over AO-27 from St.Croix.  I wish I could 
worked everyone who called.  It was a lot of fun and a real challenge working 
many station as I could in the shorter than normal five minutes the bird was 
available before it would shut off.  At times depending on where I was 
the wind would whistle through my lightweight headsets while the tape was 
and recording your transmissions. So for those of you who at least heard me
respond to your call even if not quite correctly,  I played the tape back 
each pass and sorted out your correct call.  For what it's worth, I am going 
to try
to e-mail wave files of your contacts or attempted contacts to those of you I 
hear on my taped log.  Also I will be making several attractive custom color 
cards containing a photo or photos of the surroundings where and at the time 
your contacts where made.  So keep those CARDS and letters coming in...hi.
Here are the stations WORKED:
1/23      K5OE             -      14:39z
            WB4FWQ       -      14:40z 
1/24      doing vacation type things, Off the air.
1/25      KF4FDJ          -      13:45z
            XE2YVW        -       15:23z
            KF4FDJ          -       15:24z
            VA3PK/6Y5    -       15:25z
1/26      scuba diving, petting Nurse Sharks and stuff like that. Off the air.
1/27      KB8WCJ         -      14:25z
            KC8LGL          -      14:26z
            W8JOM           -      14:27z
            VE3UEX          -      14:31z
            N3ZLL             -       14:28z
1/28      KB8WCJ         -      13:57z
            AC3A              -      13:58z
            KB2WQM        -      14:00z
            W4EPI            -      14:02z
            KC8LGL          -      14:03z
The following are stations HEARD from St.Croix:
I will also produce a HEARD ONLY card, so be sure
to send for yours as well.
1/25      K4AQL            -      15:23z
            K0LEE            -       15:25z
1/27      N5YAV           -       14:28z
1/28      VA3SS           -       13:58Z      
Thanks again everybody for your effort and patients.
73 de Steve
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