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For those Digital ops

You have all probably seen my comments on tracking devices.  So now let me
open one other can of worms.

What to use for digital transmissions?  I have the 847, so that's not the
problem.  I'm more interested in modems.

As I see it there are two solution.
a) dedicated TNC with kiss and 12 and or 96 ability, but this seems to be to
short sighted.  I suspect that going forward, more flexibilty will be needed
as we look at 19.2, 38.4 and beyond.

b) dsp evms. Right now the play seems to be the mot 56002, but as you all
know it's about to be discontinued and has actually been replaced by a new
series.  I as well has 12 and 96 and other modes, but is it capable of
faster, like 19.2, 38.4, etc.

So, you all with insight...Educate me!


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