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Re: Jawsat not heard

Hello Richard.

28 Jan 00 21:20, you wrote to ALL:

 RL> Just took a look during the 28/2050utc pass over the UK
 RL> Jawsat not heard; spent >255 seconds on each of 437.070 and 437.170
 RL> MHz looking for a 30 second burst of 9k6 data with readable packets
 RL> (at least) at the start and end of the burst. No 2.4 GHz capability.
 RL> ASUsat not heard; spent >2 minutes on 436.500 MHz looking for
 RL> (duration ?) packets about two minutes apart. (There wasn't much time
 RL> left after wasting ten minutes on the Jawsat freqs). No time to do the
 RL> same on 436.700 MHz.
 RL> Opal heard (in passing); not decoded.

Same results here (unfortunately, I don't have packet setup, so I can't decode)
during the pass yesterday at around 0800z over Australia.

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