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RE: Helix Match

I tried building the 4 bay helix array you described several years ago in 
L-band in order to monitor the Inmarsat satellites. At the time, I had no 
test equipment to use at 1.53 GHz, so I was flying blind. The match was so 
bad, a single helix outperformed the quad array.  The idea was described 
earlier on the reflector, a single wire above a common ground to serve as a 
matching section. In the quad array, the four single wires taper down from 
the periphery of the last turn of each helix and meet at the connector in 
the center of the common reflector. I think my failure was not paying 
enough attention to the conductor height and rate of taper. In any event, I 
think it may be a difficult design to reproduce.


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