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Home Brew Satellite Equipment Picture Album

Hi all.  I was thinking it might be fun, useful, and informative to put up a 
web site devoted to home brew satellite equipment.  While antennas and rotor 
systems may seem the most obvious, maybe there are tinkerers out there with 
modems, receivers, transverters, whatever.  Other ops may be very interested 
in your creations--even inspired to built it or extrapolate from it.  There's 
no point in hiding your good/original/amazing/crazy stuff from the world:  
share it!  No editorializing, I promise.

I have a few ops who have sent me pics of their homebrew antennas (XE1MEX and 
KD0SU, thanks), but would like to see if there is enough interest to set this 
picture album web page up.  Believe me, you would find their dual-band 
handheld antennas intriguing--and they are very, very different from anything 
you have seen.  Even if you don't have a pic today, please send me a note 
(direct please) telling me you are interested.  The format I was envisioning 
would be a picture (or two), a short description and credit, and a link to 
your own site if you have one.

Please reply direct to:  k5oe@amsat.org
Jerry, K5OE
ps:  isn't it exciting right now?  I can't wait to hear what Stensat sounds 
like.  I'm guessing the weight ratio to P3D is about 1.5 x 10-3.
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