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problems with tracking program

   I generally use a simple windows tracking program that I wrote myself, but 
adapted from several old DOS programs I found on the web years ago. Prior to 
Y2K, the program has agreed with other tracking programs I've tried.  However 
I have been trying to fix a couple Y2K related bugs, and was checking the 
program against MIR by using http://liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov/temp/Mir_Loc.html , 
however I find I am considerably off, about 20 degrees behind or so.  When I 
run the new DOS version of TRAKSAT, it agrees with the nasa web site, however 
when I run the new version of WINORB, it agrees with my program. I checked the 
computer clock, and it agrees with the clock at the web site.  I tried a 
couple of the WINORB models, no significant difference.  
  To further complicate things, I tried 5 or 10 other sats, and my program 
agrees very closely with the web site on all sats I tried, except for MIR.  I 
am using the latest keps from NASA OIG.
   Can anyone think of any possible reason why there should be such a 
difference on MIR, but not on other sats? Do people using other tracking 
programs get the same results as the web site I referenced above?
I'm probably doing something dumb, but I don't see what it is off hand.

*Bill Jones  N3JLQ  Sweden Maine     *
* wejones@megalink.net               *
* http://www.megalink.net/~wejones   *
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