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Re: JAWSAT Pass this morning

   >Actually, I just looked at my frequency list.  I was listening on 437.1 MHz.
   >That looks like it's the OPAL frequency according to what John Mock posted
   >yesterday.  Wonder why I didn't hear it.  Perhaps its not on all the time??

Correct, the packet birds transmit packets, e.g. in short bursts.  If the
interval is long enough, you can easily miss them.  I presume that's what
happened when i tried for JAWSAT this morning -- not enough patience.

   But then again....If I had the keps loaded for JAWSAT and listened to Opal's
   frequency perhaps that's why!  I haven't seen any keps posted for Opal yet.
   My assumption was that since they were launched together, they would still
   be in pretty similar positions......

They will be together for a long time, unless one of them carries some method
of propulsion.  Drift will happen eventually, but it'll take awhile.  For
now, the KEPS should be close enough for our purposes.

			    -- KD6PAG (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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