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First Falconsat pass

The first pass of Falconsat here at the Air Force Academy was quite
successful.  The keps published by Assi at ASU for the 5 satellites on the
Minotaur launch appeared to be right on.  Downlink signal strength was very
good, fades indicated a very slow tumble as expected.  The uplink (VHF) was
solid.  The cadet team began loading the operating system (the BekTek SCOS
kernal) and completed all but the final packet.  Software loading will
continue next pass, and the commissioning plan anticipates the first
telemetry during one of the evening passes 1/27/2000.
The Falconsat downlink is on 400.475 MHz and is compatible with the UoSat
9k6 digital satellites.  Once software is loaded and running it will look
very similar to UO-22 or KO-23; you should be able to see data using Wisp
or similar programs.  The transmitter is on only when in view of the AFA in
Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Transmit power is about 5W so it should be pleasantly strong.  Reports are
welcome, particularly signal strength relative to other birds on UHF.
Please send them to 

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