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Re: JAWSAT Launch (MASAT status?)

MASAT was not loaded on to opal.  The amateur radio picosat is STENSAT.
There web page is linked off of opal's.  

 > With regards to a brief inquiry about MASAT, Prof. Twiggs replied:
 >     For OPAL, check the webpage:
 > 	     ssdl.stanford.edu/opal
 > Alas, the link to the old MASAT home page on the OPAL pages is no longer
 > valid and the information that is theree seems is somewhat dated with
 > regards to MASAT.  I asked JWC about it and he didn't think it had gotten
 > completed.  I suppose the person who might know more definitively would
 > be whoever actually loaded up OPAL or did its launcher programming.
 > However, this is all fairly moot unless there's a ground crew out there
 > to activate MASAT, if actually got loaded.  My suspicions are not, but
 > i'd sure like to be wrong on that one.
 > 		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
 > P.S.  Folks should be aware that not everyone reading the list has the time
 > to respond at length to it.  There are a few people who i am pleased to have
 > merely reading some of the postings here.  Please don't be abrasive to them
 > if their schedule only permits a very brief respose.

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