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JAWSAT launch scheduled tonight

Here are some notes/URLs regarding about the launch scheduled tonight.
Florida has it featured in their 'Next Launch' page:


Last attempt, they updated it every about 15 minutes, but who knows it that
will happen this time.  Also, some more details at:


>From an earlier posting, N7SFI said:

    I will add new updates to:


    Also check for us Friday on IRC at:


I will try to be there also.  If anyone who is watching the 'webcast' can
provide news on that channel, it will be definitely be appreciated.  

Another set of KEPS has also been posted, but there are only maybe 5-10
minutes difference in AOS between and azimuths are roughly in the same 
direction.  So if one is looking for the birds with an Arrow antenna
(or equivalent), or tracking by hand, then that shouldn't make much 

Some of the frequencies to listen for include:

	    437.175 Mhz
	    437.070 Mhz

	    436.5 MHz GMSK
	    436.7 MHz / 145.820 MHz

	    437.1 MHz 

    STENSAT: (to be launched later from OPAL)

	    436.625 MHz / 145.840 MHz
	    #7464464	- (# key followed by the digits) to ping a packet once 
	    #7370563	- to report an extended packet. 

All of the above should be sending packet initially, at 9600 FSK (except
for STENSAT is 1200 AFSK).

But note that the Picosats (STENSAT, Artemis, etc.) won't be launched 
from OPAL at least until Stanford establishes a good downlink and they
ascertain the health of OPAL.  

I understand telemetry reports are appreciated by most of the controlling
organizations, and even signal reports might be useful on the first few
passes over the states.  At least one or two birds may require a pass or
two to charge batteries before transmissions begin.  

Some of the links, some of which contain information on telemetry, may be
found at:


In all three cases, J-FM voice will probably not be activated until the 
general health of the satellite can be determined, and in at least one
case, until suitable firmware can be uploaded.  My guess is STENSAT will
be the first to be heard via voice, but we might be surprised.  If a PL
is required for any of these, it will be announced during commisioning.

I hope to catch a few of you on IRC (except, of course, some suitable time
before and after pass 2 if it flies).  73's and best of luck for the launch!

		          -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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