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Re: It can be done..

That's Great. I again heard the RS13 beacon here in MT while the SSP was
over Great Britain.

At 01:30 PM 1/26/00 -0800, Frank A Cahoy <k0blt@juno.com> wrote:
>Greetings to all,
>I have had this hope of one day working a European station via RS-12/13. 
>I'm much too far west in the U.S. to have an actual window.  This was my
>lucky day (Jan. 26, 2000).  I had the day off and was listening to the
>1800 UTC pass of RS-13 and found quite a number of DX stations within the
>10 m. down link.  I continued to listen after LOS at my QTH (DN-81).  The
>beacon continued to be quite readeable but at about three minutes past
>LOS there was a sudden, very strong peak in signal from the beacon.  I
>called a CW CQ  RS-13 on 21.265 and I was answered by OK1DIG.  His signal
>was quite readeable when I first heard his return call.  However, it
>faded fast as the bird slipped toward Eastern Europe. I copied his grid
>locator as JO-60xp which looks legit for the Czech Republic.  This is one
>DX station which will get my card direct.  On the next pass of 1930 UTC
>the progagation was quite similar but it appeared that I wasn't getting
>much of a signal into the bird.  However, I did hear GM3JSX and OK1DIG
>again.  There was also an SP calling CQ but by that time the bird was at
>-25 degrees and fading rapidly.  Another interesting thing was the fact
>that the beacon was not copyable before AOS until the bird was at about
>-8 degrees.
>The thread has been floating around the BB recently about whether RS-13
>will play for DX QSOs.  I can confirm that it does happen.  I've been an
>HF DXer since 1960 but this QSO, via satellite, was as meaninful as any
>I've ever made.  It's always interesting to read of the possibilities
>present, however it's much different when one actually experiences such a
>Thanks for the bandwidth.  Has anyone else had similar QSOs with just 100
>watts and a TH-5 Tri-Bander using Mode K with a single xcvr?  Id
>certainly like to swap info and ideas with you.
>73  Frank, K0BLT
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