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It can be done..

Greetings to all,

I have had this hope of one day working a European station via RS-12/13. 
I'm much too far west in the U.S. to have an actual window.  This was my
lucky day (Jan. 26, 2000).  I had the day off and was listening to the
1800 UTC pass of RS-13 and found quite a number of DX stations within the
10 m. down link.  I continued to listen after LOS at my QTH (DN-81).  The
beacon continued to be quite readeable but at about three minutes past
LOS there was a sudden, very strong peak in signal from the beacon.  I
called a CW CQ  RS-13 on 21.265 and I was answered by OK1DIG.  His signal
was quite readeable when I first heard his return call.  However, it
faded fast as the bird slipped toward Eastern Europe. I copied his grid
locator as JO-60xp which looks legit for the Czech Republic.  This is one
DX station which will get my card direct.  On the next pass of 1930 UTC
the progagation was quite similar but it appeared that I wasn't getting
much of a signal into the bird.  However, I did hear GM3JSX and OK1DIG
again.  There was also an SP calling CQ but by that time the bird was at
-25 degrees and fading rapidly.  Another interesting thing was the fact
that the beacon was not copyable before AOS until the bird was at about
-8 degrees.

The thread has been floating around the BB recently about whether RS-13
will play for DX QSOs.  I can confirm that it does happen.  I've been an
HF DXer since 1960 but this QSO, via satellite, was as meaninful as any
I've ever made.  It's always interesting to read of the possibilities
present, however it's much different when one actually experiences such a

Thanks for the bandwidth.  Has anyone else had similar QSOs with just 100
watts and a TH-5 Tri-Bander using Mode K with a single xcvr?  Id
certainly like to swap info and ideas with you.

73  Frank, K0BLT
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