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Fw: AO-16 Status

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From: Russell J. Platt, Jr. <rjplatt@vnet.net>
To: amsat-bb@amsat.org <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 17:49
Subject: AO-16 Status

AO-16 is back in the safe hands of PHT (Pacsat Housekeeping Task).
This task manages the battery charging during Sunlit periods and manages the
decay during eclipse periods.  It also includes safeguards to protect the
ie. turns off S-band first, if on, then all transmitters if voltage is too
low.  It will
also turn on the 70cm transmitter, if off, when the batteries are charged
too high.
     All of these safeguards have been exercised in the last few days.  I
been trying to keep the S-band transmitter on except  when loading software.
As I have said before the S-band transmitter is always on at full power so
draws a continuous load on the batteries.   It's shut off target voltage is
in PHT than the 70cm transmitters.  So lately with only S-band on,  the shut
target voltage is reached, shutting off S-band.  During the next sunlit
portion of
the orbit , the batteries are charged high, turning on the 70cm transmitter.
     These targets are resettable , but after 10 years of use we are trying
be very careful how far down we bring the batteries.  I will be running WOD
(Whole Orbit Data) over the next few days to watch the batteries during
S-band only operation.  I am also reloading the software to bring the file
server back on line soon.  Digipeater mode is also available when not
     I hope this answers some of the questions over AO-16's operation

Russ Platt / WJ9F
AO-16 Command Team

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