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Re: Dead G-5400B

In a message dated 1/24/00 1:33:37 PM Eastern Standard Time, kb5mu@AMSAT.Org 

<< >In each of my rotor failures, I have found the relays to be sticking in 
 >control box.  These relays will be replaced with TRIACS in the near future 
as the
 >switching control.
 As you say, this failure can't be solved by the rotor interface, whether in 
hardware or software. My installation uses "solid state relays" based on 
triacs. >>

Interesting, But the start or run winding would heatup in a locked rotor 
condition,I may install a safety heater (Bimetal) inseries with the triac. 
Which would have a cutout of
approx 15 seconds. Of course this would mean a manual reset to restart. 
Nick_ K1uxb

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