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Re: Kenpro G-600 rotator

At 09:16 AM 1/24/2000 -0700, Dave D'Epagnier wrote:

>Hello, I've got two rotators and am wondering which one I should install
>into my new tower. The first is a Yaesu G-450A. The other is an older Kenpro
>G-600 that was given to me with the 5600B control box. I know this unit
>would be better for sat work because it has az-el capability. However, I'm
>wondering what the ratings for the G-600 are (wind load, k-factor, vertical
>load etc). Does anybody know or can they point me in the right direction so
>I can find out?

An older Yaesu flyer lists the G-600 and G-600RC. The rotator assemblies 
appear to be the same. The RC looks to have a servo-type indicator and the 
G-600 has a 'normal' meter-type indicator.

The mechanical specs are given as the same for both.

Rotation torque 600 kg-cm (42 ft-lbs)
Stationary torque 4000 kg-cm (288 ft-lbs)
Max vertical load 200 kg (440 lbs)
Max antenna wind load 0.75 m2 x .6 m
Mast diameter 38 - 63 mm

You list the az assembly part of the 5600B as G600-X. My guess is that the 
X is added when it is part of the dual unit but that it is still the G-600.

A much older Kenpro flyer lists the same specs for models KR-600 and KR-600RC.

This is not surprising since Yaesu has done very little with the products 
since taking over the Kenpro company.

ron w8gus.
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