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Re: Travelling with IT (not ET)

The answer is start IT,
Next select option 6 (update station)
Next you have the option of entering an existing station number or an
unused one.
  (if you want to enter a new one for the new location use a new number,
else select the one you want to
Next you should now have the details for the station you selected.  To the
right of the line you want to change
enter a "=" followed by the data you want to put in (like  change station
call sign from KD4HS to KD3BD just
find the KD2HS      =KD3BD  to the right of the data cursor should already
be on correct line, and press enter
key.)  That should update the data.  Change the Lat. Long. as well  etc.
Then enter Q to exit.  It will ask if you
want to save your changes or write them.  Say Yes and your changes will
have been saved.

That should answer your question.  Also, help is built into IT  I believe
there is a help function on the first
panel after you entered IT.  If you select that, it will also work its way
down on how to make these changes.

Have a good day.  73's

Larry E. Schroeder

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