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Re: Geoff Perry, SK

It was with great sorrow that I heard of Geoff's death.  I had the
pleasure of meeting him several times at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium,
where he has presented many lectures. He was a brilliant lecturer who
combined his grasp of technical matters and his authority as a school
master, with much humour. These lectures were always a star
attraction in the Colloquium program.

In these lectures Geoff demonstrated his considerable knowledge of
the Soviet/Russian satellites, and his ability to deduce details of
the missions from scientific observations.  His equipment was
usually very basic, and he tended to prefer pencil & paper to
computers. I was particularly impressed by his detective work on the
nature of the HF telemetry signals, where he deduced the type of
data, its format, and modulation details.

Geoff was the space adviser to the UK television company ITN. He
frequently appeared in UK TV news broadcasts during space missions, or
when space events were in the news.  There was also a TV program
about his activities at Kettering. In the program Geoff was played
by an actor.  It must have been an interesting experience for him to
see the program!

Just over a year ago Geoff sent me an account of his monitoring of
the signals from RS-17 (Sputnik-40).  He wrote "No longer having
access to audio frequency meters, oscilloscopes and audio
oscillators, I was reduced to relying on a 'musical ear' and the
piano in the lounge.  Nevertheless, it was possible to observe the
changes in musical pitch and derive from that an indication of the
variation in temperature."

At the 1990 Amsat Colloquium Geoff presented a paper called
"I haven't got a callsign, but ...". Shortly afterwards I
volunteered to write a regular column in OSCAR News for satellite
listeners. I called the column "Haven't got a callsign? ... then this
page is for you!", a title which I borrowed from Geoff's lecture.  I
shall now be able to dedicate my column to the memory of Geoffrey
Perry MBE.


Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.       

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