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Dead G-5400B

Dear Satellite Colleagues,

After the much vaunted Y2K I was forced to abandon my faithful 16 bit
Wisp. The 32 bit version  ran strangely but benignly until last night.
This morning I found the computer locked up and my G-5400 driven hard
into the stops.
The elevation rotator has been convinced to work but the azimuth
rotator seems to be dead. 

I went up to the roof and pushed the array and I can hear the gear
train so the plastic motor gear is still intact. My schematic
indicates a thermal fuse on the ground return of both rotors but the
parts break down does not list it. Can anyone shed some light on this?
I don't remember seeing such a part in the rotator I took apart a
couple of years ago. 

I am still diagnosing the failure and have yet to check voltage out of
the controller but since the elevation rotator works I don'e expect to
find the problem there. 

Obviously I can fix or replace the azimuth rotator but the computer
problem will discourage unattended operation until I can get to the
bottom of that. 

My computer is an old AST P75 with 16MB of memory running W95revA
I would prefer not to change the computer as it is RF quiet in the

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

		73 Jerry KK5YY

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