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APRStk for satellites

APRStk for Satellites,

   For fun, I just added satellite tracking to APRSdos.  It will show you
a window across the bottom of the screen showing you the next 3 hours of
passes and it plots the satellites on the maps.   New commands are:

1)  OPS-SATS. Displays the window noted above showing passes and EL's
2)  OPS-PREDICT.  Runs forward in fast-time to show where they are going

Other than that, they are treated as any other object on the maps.  You
can SELECT them and do OPS-RANGE to see range and bearing, etc...

I posted APRStk.ZIP to ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos

and when unzipped it contains APRStk.EXE and LEO.ORB which both must go
into your existing APRS directory (with previously installed APRSxxx).
It is like APRSxxx.exe in that it can only handle 100 other stations, but
I had to make room...  For 2 years, I had been trying to talk Steve
Dimse into distributing SATELLITE posits to RF everywhere via
APRServe, but he objects.  So I give up, and just added it to APRSdos...

The amazing thing is when you run it, you find that there are satellites
over your QTH most of the time.  We got LOTS of satellites up there.  

de WB4APR, Bob

P.S. I only included the digital satellites in the ORB file, so ther are
actually 4 more active birds... RS's and FO's...

This is just a beta, and I used Dec 31, 1999 keps just to avoid the Y2K
problems.  FOr now, you will have to hand edit LEO.ORB and use a date
of 100 instead of 99 if you want to update them and keep them current...

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