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Re: Geoff Perry, SK

W3DQ, N4HY, K2UBC and KA9Q all commented about Geoff's passing.
I'll add my few words also. I also got to know Geoff personally
when he visited the US and gave the after-dinner speech at the
AMSAT meeting. I spent a couple of very memorable evenings
with him and Bob.

Even though Geoff was not an amateur, he followed AMSAT's
exploits with almost as much interest as he followed the 
Russians. It was in that context that I met him (by mail).
Shortly after I published my original ORBIT software in
1980 (for the youngsters out there -- this was a general 
purpose satellite orbit predictor written in BASIC and 
sized so that it would run on an 8080 with 16 kbytes of 
RAM), Geoff contacted me for help to allow the software
to be useful for use by his students. And he was most
pleased that I had chosen to publish the algorithms as
what we now call "open source" so that the students 
could better understand the math.

73, Tom
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