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RE: Bounce your signal off Mir (passive satellite)

On 21 Jan 2000 Jean-Louis.RAULT@tcc.thomson-csf.com wrote:

> I have been trying "MIR bouncing" for more than one year now, but with no
> success at all. For theses tests, I'm trying to listen to the VHF transmissions
> of a french VHF transatlantic test beacon which beaming west.

In the USA, anyone should be able to hear the reflection from the Navy
Space Surveillance 80? megaW transmitter in texas on 216.98 MHz.  When any
Satellite passes through the great-circle line passing through North texas
on a 271.5-91.5 degree azimuth, you should hear a ping.  THis subject
comes up regularly here on AMSAT and there are many hams who regularly
hear pings.  (Not me.  I have not tried)...

The location of the main transmitter is at 33.5N and 99.3W.  Just use your
favorite space tracking program and use that as your location.  THen,
whenever a satellite passes over 271.5 or 91.5 deg azimuth, you should
hear a ping (if you point your 217 MHz antenna in the direction of the
satellite from *you*...

de WB4APR, Bob

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