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Re: Bounce your signal off Mir (passive satellite)

I do much the same thing with AO-27.  When at work, I sometimes go up to the 
parking garage roof and work the passes with a small hand-held antenna while 
sitting in my truck.  The Galleria buildings (west Houston) block the horizon 
to the North (about 270 to 30 degrees), but I often find I can still hear and 
work the satellite by judiciously pointing the antenna at the sides of one of 
the larger buildings slightly to the East on Post Oak.  I find the IM from 
the medical center area, where you are, the hardest direction (SE from my 
work) to work AO-27.
Jerry, K5OE

> In a very small way, I've done this terresterially.
>  For some time several years ago I accessed a packet node that was directly
>  east of me,  but blocked by many buildings in the medical center 10 blocks
>  down the street to the east by pointing my 3 element beam due north at
>  downtown Houston and doing building bounce.
>  Amazed the daylights out of me when I first did it.  Took me entirely by
>  surprise... until I thought about it.
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