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Re: NB96/PSK-1 Combo

on 1/20/00 09:31, Bob Bruninga at bruninga@nadn.navy.mil wrote:

> Downside:  No PSK.  A real quandry.  There are 3 APRS capable satellites
> in orbit with PSK downlinks, but still not enough usage to warrant a
> purchase of PSK.  But in my opinion, the only thing that will solve this
> problem is for someone to write PSK software for a sound card, then
> ANYONE, ANYWHERE could use them with just a laptop and any FM/SSB radio.

Well, my advice would be to look at the future of things and what you will
really use in the future:

1.) All of the new birds going up are 9600 baud birds or higher
2.) Of the current 1200 bps PSK birds, not many are operational at this time
if I am not mistaken.  AO-16 is currently being fixed, LO-19 is being worked
on as well.  I think that leaves IO-26 as the only working PSK bird up
there.  I might be wrong.  And yes, FO-29 is occasionally in 1200 bps mode
as well.
3.) For the money it takes to purchase a PSK modem AND a 9600 baud modem,
one would be better off just buying the 9600 modem.

So for looking toward the future, who knows how much longer the 1200 baud
birds will stay in operation (let's hope for years), but 9600 baud birds are
going up all the time.


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Jon Ogden


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