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RE: Geoff Perry, SK

Re: Geoff Perry, SK

	My first direct contact with Geoff occurred more than 15 years ago.
At the time I was familiar with his very impressive scientific detective
activities involving the Soviet space program but I didn't have any
impressions of him as a person.  Then, shortly after a paper of mine which
contained a reference to his work was published, I received a note from
Geoff.  In it he requested that in the future I replace a reference to a
paper he authored by an article written by one of his students.  You can't
help but like someone who goes out of his way to make such a request.
Several years later I finally met Geoff at an AMSAT Conference and my
positive feelings were reinforced.

	In 1991 I attended the AMSAT-UK meeting.  Both Geoff and Leo Labutin
(UA3CR SK) were there.  On the opening day of the conference I happened to
be walking into the lunch room with Leo; we saw Geoff sitting at a table and
joined him.  It was the first time Geoff and Leo had had a real chance to
talk I mostly just sat there listening to them discussing the history of the
Soviet space program.  It was one of the most interesting, exciting,
memorable experiences Amateur Radio has given me and one I'll always
treasure.  It's not the hardware, it's not the software, it's the people you
meet that give it all meaning.

Martin Davidoff, K2UBC


>From Jonathan's Space Report No. 418, 2000 Jan 19 


Geoff Perry, the world renowned founder of the Kettering Group, died
suddenly in Cornwall on Jan 18 at the age of 72. Geoff, formerly a
physics teacher at Kettering Grammar School, taught his students to
track short wave radio signals from Soviet satellites, and eventually
established a world-wide network of experts who figured out what was
going on in the Soviet space program. He and his team came to public
prominence in 1966 with their independent discovery of the Plesetsk
launch site. I'm glad that Geoff lived long enough to see the
declassification of the former Soviet missions and discover that the
`answers in the back of the book' agreed for the most part with
his own
sleuthing, but I'll miss his insight and comprehensive knowledge. 


I first met Geoff at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium some years ago.  We
information on the various commercial LEO satellite systems that
were proposed 
and/or made it into orbit.  Geoff and his colleague Max White
provided invaluable 
of assistance by listening for (and hearing) the switch-on of
the Forte satellite 
and the ORBCOMM satellites over the last three years. 

As Jonathan McDowell states, his insight, knowledge and
encouragement will be 
sorely missed. 

Eric Rosenberg W3DQ
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