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Re: NB96/PSK-1 Combo

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000 K1uxbMa@cs.com wrote:

> I'm in need of  some assistance in deciding which modem setup to buy,which 
> would handle both 9600/1200 baud and PSK. Since this is my first venture
> into  Satellite operation..

I'll go out on a limb and suggest a possibility... 

If you ever think you might go "satellite" mobile (and anticipate that
future 9600 baud birds may serve that need), then you might consider the
dual-band Kenwood TM-D700 data radio with built-in 1200/9600 baud TNC's.
In APRS mode, it can send/receive Position/status/messages from the front
panel of the radio, not needing a PC or any other accessories (except a
GPS if you are moving)...  A real slick set-up for mobile travelers.

Downside:  No PSK.  A real quandry.  There are 3 APRS capable satellites
in orbit with PSK downlinks, but still not enough usage to warrant a
purchase of PSK.  But in my opinion, the only thing that will solve this
problem is for someone to write PSK software for a sound card, then
ANYONE, ANYWHERE could use them with just a laptop and any FM/SSB radio.

Conversly, none of the existing 9600 baud FSK birds have formally invited
UI packet digipeating for live QSO's. BUT one is on the launch pad, one
enroute to launch site, and one on orbit not-yet activated,,, (Though
exact mode of operation has not been announced)

So I dont have a clue what to recommend, but I "think" that 9600 baud
mobile satellite operations is where we should be heading..

DOWNSIDE #2.  Since the radio is less than a month old, no one has yet
reported using it on the 9600 baud birds with WISP in a full-up
conventional PACSAT BBS situation either.  So, we are still waiting to
hear about this before we can "recommend it" for conventional PACSAT
PROTOCOL anyway...

So, good luck!  Its a tuff decision....  :-(


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