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Rquest for help in getting NASA keps working in INSTANT TRACK

HELLO: Since early AM on 20000101, I have been trying to get my Instant
Track(IT) program to accept the NASA Kep elements as it has been doing
for several years. I am a member of the Columbia Amateur Radio
Association (CARA) in Columbia, MD.  and an active member of the CARA
subgroup CARA Satellite Group. This group meets at leasst monthly on a
common Saturday, Puts up suitable antennas and using suitable tranceivers
contacts whomsoever with some success. I have been the person providing
satellite tracking data to the group for several years. 

      This group will meet Sat 22 Jan 00 for this purpose. However since 1
Jan 00 I have not been able to get the IT program to accept the Keps
downloaded from the NASA Bulletin Board. NASA went to some trouble
getting me eligible for working the NASA BB, downloading these needed
Keps every Friday, I had to prove to NASA that Keps from any other source
caused some tracking errors. 

      Today I called AMSAT-NA in Silver Springs, MD and was advised to
contact this BB and ask for 
Y2K 6.  Please advise me how to get this and/or download program to me. 

      I have done everything I could think of to mofify these NASA Keps to
work in IT. AMSAT-NA advised me the IT program was not Y2K ready, and
that the Y2K 6 attachment would make IT work in (MM) years. 

      I am sending this by JUNO, because I have found JUNO to be the most
proficient E-Mail system.
You may respond to me through JUNO for text type communications, or
through AOL for downloading purposes.  73s and thanks.

	AMSAT member # 23257
         W4WOI@JUNO.COM      Roland Richardson
     or  W4WOI@AOL.COM       9502 SWEET GRASS RIDGE
                             Columbia, MD 21046-2008  Landline 

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