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Re: Another interesting use for RS-13

Richard Allen wrote:
> Vince:
> RS-13 set here in the north at 19:25 today.  As it crossed
> over the polar region and across the nothern Russian border
> at 19:40 at 65N 49E it was 35 degrees below the horizon here
> and peaking s7 with an auroral flutter.  I was still copying as
> it passed Moscow to the east, then between the Caspian and
> Aral seas.  It finally faded as it crossed the Iranian border at
> 19:48 after 23 minutes of below horizon copy.  Amazing stuff!

Now that you mention that, I just remeber what happend a couple
days ago on FO-20 (or 29, I can't remeber witch).
During a pass from NE to SW, over the atlantic, I call on the 
transponder until LOS, looking for any Caribean or Central 
America station. No luck! The pass ended, and because I 
haven't set any "parking" frequency/position on Trakbox, 
the frequency and antenna aiming remained. About 30 seconds
after LOS I heard a loud signal I can swear it was a PY station.
(I looked to the monitor and footprint was well finished for me 
and well over central america and north part of south america).
Unfortunatly I just heard it once and couldn't get the full call.
Even so I was thrilled by that, knowing it was a tremendous 
luck to be listening on the same frequency he called!

Did anybody else had a similar experience, 
or I'm "listening things" ;0)

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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