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Re: P3-D flies!


At 08:31 AM 1/18/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>What has to happen for P3-D to get on board one of these upcoming flights?
>Does there have to be a failure or delay of one of the presently booked
>secondary payloads for P3-D to get put on?

We are not in a position to make any comments beyond the official 
launch manifest, neither regarding a launch date or what the 
main passenger is. There is already a combination we are set for,
but we have to wait until the main passenger is ready to fly or
in case he won't, another satellite needs to replace the main
passenger. Arianespace is doing his best to accomodate us soon
after AR505.  Waiting is all what we can do now, with our spacecraft
getting very close to the launch area now.

73 Peter DB2OS

BTW:  The latest news is, that P3-D and the SBS are now in Paris
and being loaded on the plane for Kourou. Apparently all is well
and on schedule. I will join our crew from the P3-D Lab in Orlando
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