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Re: No bugs on sat's! [2nd try]

[Resending due to mailer errors.  Debian now has a good binary in the 'potato'

   I just left SatTrack 3.1.5 running on my Linux system over midnight, knowing
   that it would fail but not how badly.  You can all give up with satellites
   now as it reported that none of the current satellites will be launched for
   the next 693000 odd days... :-)

Yeah, i think we knew this one was coming; it's not that the code wasn't Y2K
aware, it was just buggy.  I haven't studied the fix enough to understand it,
but it does seem to work so far.  

Let's see how everyone does once 2000 KEPS become widely distributed...

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

Attachment: Y2K fix for SatTrack 3.1 (via 'linux-hams@vger.rutgers.edu')
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Subject: Re: Instant Track
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 13:30:56 GMT
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Hamish Moffatt <hamish@rising.com.au> wrote:
>Carl R. Stevenson <wa6vse@fast.net> wrote:
>> If anyone has experience-based recomendations on either Win32
>> or Linux sat trcking programs, I'd appreciate a comment and a URL
>> to the download site.

>There's a few on linux. SatTrack is reasonable; the newer versions
>are commercial but the 3.x version is free for amateur use. Unfortunately
>it appears to be non-Y2K compliant, having tried to use it this morning.
>The source is available so I might try to fix it later.

Here is the only bug I found sofar.  It seems to try hard at Y2K
compatability (essentially using the range 1950-2049) but there is
a routine that calcs the daynumber and starts from a vaguely-defined
year number (sometimes a 4-digit, sometimes a 2-digit value).

This patch makes it run again today.  I hope (and believe) it also
works when year-00 keps are loaded.


diff -cr SatTrack-orig/src/sattrack/sattime.c SatTrack/src/sattrack/sattime.c
*** SatTrack-pe1chl/src/sattrack/sattime.c	Sat Jan  4 22:19:08 1997
--- SatTrack/src/sattrack/sattime.c	Sat Jan  1 14:19:51 2000
*** 269,275 ****
      if (gdnY < 50)                  /* allow 4 or 2 digit year specifications */
          gdnY += 2000;
!         if (gdnY < 100)
              gdnY += 1900;
      result = (long) ((((gdnY-1901)*1461) >> 2) + monthDays[gdnM-1] + gdnD+365);
--- 269,275 ----
      if (gdnY < 50)                  /* allow 4 or 2 digit year specifications */
          gdnY += 2000;
!         if (gdnY < 200)
              gdnY += 1900;
      result = (long) ((((gdnY-1901)*1461) >> 2) + monthDays[gdnM-1] + gdnD+365);
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