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Re: Dumb Question

At 04:54 PM 1/17/00 -0600, jbblack@mindspring.com wrote:
>When the PSK birds call for a SSB downlink, is this LSB or USB?

Yes. Either will do.

One may work better than the other if your rig uses a different crystal filter for each sideband. Try both.

You'll need to tell the PSK modem which sideband you're using, if you connect the up/down buttons for automatic frequency control. Otherwise the AFC will run backwards and you won't be able to stay on frequency. The TAPR modem has a toggle switch on the front panel for this. Other modems may have a software control. If your modem has no control for this, you can always swap the up and down signals on the cable to the transceiver.

73  -Paul

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