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Re: Trees

on 1/17/00 9:46 AM, Dave D'Epagnier at DAVED@ctilidar.com wrote:

> So I guess I'm finally going to do it. Put up a roof top tower along with
> some free antennaware that I've had kicking around. I've got a couple of VHF
> and UHF yagis and an az-el rotator etc.
> My QTH has big trees all around. These trees are in excess of 100', whereas
> my antennas will be about 45'. Will I be able to transmit and receive ok
> through the trees?


My house is in somewhat of a low elevation compared to the surrounding
terrain.  To the south of me, my property goes up on a hill to the point
that the top of the hill is at the same level as the roof top of my house.
I probably have 20 large oak tress in that area that are over 60 feet high (
small private forest).  My satellite antennas are on a 20' extendable mast
on the roof of the house.

I have no problems working the birds through the trees even on low passes.
I have more of a problem with the hill that is to the north of me and a
block away.

Now, I've only been on the birds since the trees lost their leaves so who
knows what will happen in the spring.  However, with my distance from them
and the height of my antennas, my angle to the tree tops is probably 15 to
20 degrees so it isn't that bad.

I'd say go for it!  You never know until you try!



Jon Ogden



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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