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Re: elevation sensor

>This may be of interest to some.
>I received a catalog today from Winegard (www.winegard.com). 
>Winegard has been a maker of TV antennas for many years.
>The item that caught my attention is the DE-4600 digital elevation 
>sensor which "gives exact elevation of the antenna on an LCD readout 
>inside the vehicle. Accurate to within 1 degree, even when the 
>vehicle is not level. Includes 20 ft of 4 conductor cable. Requires 
>12Vdc or 9 V battery."
>They show it attached to a satellite dish intended for mounting on 
>the roof of an RV. No price given. There is probably a dealer list 
>on the web site.
>ron w8gus.

Thanks for the heads up on this device Ron.  However, they turn out 
to be a little pricy at US$119.00 each.

I have a need for something similar but less costly to measure 
elevation with an LCD display.  Didn't Sears Roebuck or some company 
make a digital carpenter level at one time?

73, Dennis

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