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Re: KO-23

When it heats up like it is now in full sunlight, in the past those with
15kHz filters seem to lose out on the data while those of us who have
installed 20kHz filters continue to copy it, but at reduced efficiency. 
What I am seeing now is a nice strong signal with a sometimes good eye
pattern, but suddenly jumping into a totally random noise like pattern and
just as suddenly back again to a good eye again.  I had never looked at
this before and wondered if others had looked at the KO-23 eye recently and
had seen this.

Alan Biddle wrote:
> Roy,
> I haven't had a chance to verify this yeat, but historically KO-23 goes into
> full sun around this time each year.  In the past the deviation has changed,
> for the worse.  I also am seeing good signal but poor throughput.
> Alan

73, Roy

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