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Re: Status reports from Vandenberg

In a message dated 16-Jan-00 12:29:24 Central Standard Time, 
cbuttsch@slonet.org writes:

>    Sorry people, I am too thin skinned to continue reporting when my
>  words are twisted, misinterpreted and unappreciated.  I had twenty young
>  people all attempting to build a new AMATEUR satellite on site, all hungry
>  for exposure.  I'll take my efforts with them and let the internet cops
>  conduct the affairs of the BB as they see fit.  73 Cliff K7RR

Cliff, I've lurked on this list for over a year now, and don't respond much. 

I've not yet gotten a chance to be active on the sats (press of business and 
a YL who's reluctant to add to the antenna farm on the roof....something 
about egg beaters...<VBG>).

I have, however generally read with interest the efforts of folks to get P3D 
and the other sats up and working.

I do appreciate the exposure you are giving the new hams, because without it, 
no one else would have any idea of what to expect.

Don't let the grouchies get you down. As long as the Amsat Boss Lady ain't 
griping, you're doing something right.



Charles S. Krin, DO FAAFP
"We must all hang together, or else assuredly we will hang separately!" 
B. Franklin, Philadelphia, 2 July 1776
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