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Re: Jawsat, OPAL, StenSat et.al. new launch date

Clifford Buttschardt <cbuttsch@slonet.org>, in response to my brief
e-mail pointing to a press report about the JAWSAT launch attempt,
recently wrote:

> Good god read this!  The political hype on this launch is beyond all
> previous imagination squared!   CHRIST! quit E-mailing me as to how your
> mini-brained company can make a buck in ham radio!    STOP! Cliff K7RR 

And later wrote:

> Let me say that I am most sorry so many--possibly a dozen or so, take such
> severe offense at my reports from Vandenberg.  ...
>      Sorry people, I am too thin skinned to continue reporting when my
> words are twisted, misinterpreted and unappreciated.  ...

I rather doubt that anyone took offense, severe or otherwise, at your
widely read and appreciated reports of satellite launch activities at

On the other hand, rude behavior is still simply that.  Personally, I don't
believe that rude behavior ought to be condoned, whether it is on the part
of, for example, our national political or business leaders or by long-time
contributors to AMSAT and amateur satellite efforts.


By the way, what do think my company does, anyway?
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