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RE: Houston amsat net

What stores are there?  If I ever get to Houston, I will not
shop there and tell them why.  If enough folks make that
pledge, it might get their attention.  After all, K-mart
dumped Rosie when enough pro-gun folks wrote to them.

Do you think it will help?


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Show me a city that enforces strict gun control, and I will
show you a city with happy criminals and abundant victims.

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> the reason: the group of buildings that make up greenway 
> plaza in houston 
> has finally found that 300-500 dollars per month is a lot 
> more money for rack 
> space and antenna space than they wish to donate to amateur 
> radio. all the 
> amateur repeaters in this building complex are being told to 
> leave and most 
> by march 1, 2000. thus our move to a new repeater.

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