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Cushcraft 738XB Response

Thanks to all who have responded to my query.  Most suggested that I not use
the silicon containing acetic acid and that I make sure there are drain
holes in the switchbox.

The silicon that I originally used was some hi-temp silicon used by
mechanics.  I don't remember if it contained acetic acid or not.  Also, the
switchbox already has a factory-drilled drain/vent hole.  I added the
dessicant from some shoe boxes I had received after purchasing new shoes.  I
know that dessicant will age from using compressors that contain dessicant
to keep air-filled hardline / waveguide pressurized.  I just don't know how
long the stuff will last.

If this doesn't work, I suppose I can resort to building my own.  Luckily,
K5OE has a plethora of information on his site.

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