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Status reports from Vandenberg

Let me say that I am most sorry so many--possibly a dozen or so, take such
severe offense at my reports from Vandenberg.  The old guard AMSAT bunch
seems to have honored this in the past.  I simply can not understand why
it is acceptable to carry on a massive dialog regarding the pro and cons
of new license structure on AMSAT-BB and then heap criticism on any real 
time efforts from the launch site.  Have the newer hams become so money
hungry not to understand what VOLUNTEER means?
     Sorry people, I am too thin skinned to continue reporting when my
words are twisted, misinterpreted and unappreciated.  I had twenty young
people all attempting to build a new AMATEUR satellite on site, all hungry
for exposure.  I'll take my efforts with them and let the internet cops
conduct the affairs of the BB as they see fit.  73 Cliff K7RR

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