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JAWSAT launch tonight 0254 UTC

Hi all.  Again, we will be at Vandenberg AFB with the launch of five
amateur related satellites.  We attended the pre-launch briefing and
pad viewing yesterday.  The rocket is indeed impressive, however one 
hundred feet away the fog was so dense as to obscure any real detail!
It would certainly be nice to remember this event as the first launch
of the year 2000.  If all goes well, this will indeed be the case.
    Countdown continues as only weather related problems might cause a 
delay.  If the fog layer becomes so thick as to cause a reflective layer
to form such that if the missile were to be distroyed on the pad 
substantial energy would be reflected downward.  Then a delay would be
imposed. Apparently in the past, several thousand windows were broken!
    Many have asked what caused the delay last November.  This was an easy
to understand failure, a filter capacitor shorted in a magnetron power 
supply.  The amateur command station is in place at W6QJ's location.  We
spent all last night improving the system with N7SFI, AA6IW of the OPAL
project there.  As always, changes were being made at the last minute.
    I'll not be able to transmit from the launch area but we will post
what is heard from JAWSAT on orbit one at approximately 0445 UTC.  W7RAQ
will act a relay for us in this effort.  73 all!  Cliff Buttschardt K7RR

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