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Air Force Minuteman Set to be First Launch of New Millenium

Ok, the millennium does not really start until 2001 but here is a URL of
the press release for the launch scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, January
14th) of *four* amateur radio satellites:

 JAWSAT, ASUSat1, OPAL, and StenSat.


"LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif., — For the first time ever, the Air
Force will use a refurbished Minuteman II rocket motor combined with
Pegasus XL upper stages to launch satellites into orbit Jan 14,expected to
be the world’s first space launch of the millennium. The famed Minuteman II
rocket, deactivated as an offensive weapon system by Strategic Arms
Reduction Treaty in 1991, was initially designed as an Inter-Continental
Ballistic Missiles delivery system. Liftoff from Vandenberg Air Force Base,
Calif., is set for 7:04 p.m. PST."

And, if you are interested, here is the URL for OPAL's flight plan (as a MS
Word document). There are some interesting diagrams of the launch sequence.  


Preliminary Keps can be found at Randy N7SFI's web site:


And finally, to view the launch live on the web or by satellite feed try:

Webcast -


Satellite Feed - 

Satellite Info: Jan 14, 2 to 8pm PST, Telstar 6C/11
Uplink Frequency: 6145
Downlink Frequency: 3920/Vertical
Arc Position: 93 Degrees West 

-Hank N4AFL

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