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Re: Fiber Optic Information

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> We do this stuff in CATV all the time at bandwidths up to 800 MHz, it's
> called Fiber Nodes,
> Essentially, Baseband TV signal (Composite audio/Video for a given
> to a Modulator to put it at the frequency or channel you really want it
> then combine the signals to a series of channels, then into a Fiber
> Transmitter at the "shack" to convert the Channelized RF to Fiber Optic
> Signals, Send over Single Mode Fiber cable (usually a single fiber at 1550
> nM) to a Fiber Receiver or Node, the node has the amplification within in

In our applications with fiber (OC-12 [12 DS-3's down to individual hub
connections we use a multitude of SM and MM - MM in-plant, SM for long-haul.
This is not my forte, but it is my understanding that we use laser
transmitters for SM and LED transmitters for MM.  Is this true throughout
the industry?

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