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Re: Fiber Optic Information

How about taking a small "faceless" radio like the TenTec Pegasus, putting it 
in a weatherproof enclosure with suitable TCXO, and mounting it on top of the 
tower (a triangular enclosure to fit inside the ubiquitous Rohn 25G would be 
handy).   The only new hardware required would be a fiber optic link to 
wherever your computer was located.  If your "linked" computer was on the 
I-net, a dedicated communications link, or set up with remote RF control, you 
could be anywhere (even on vacation in Aruba) and work the world.  
Jerry, K5OE

> I guess I'm missing the boat here but I can't see any advantage to using
>  fiber. Fiber and fiber transmitters and receivers are a lot more expensive
>  than electronic LNA's, and using a fiber to carry audio or rotator
>  information seems like a waste of bandwidth capability. Fiber xmtrs and
>  rcvrs are not noiseless either. Besides being "fun to do" I can't see the
>  advantage.
>  Dave
>  -K0QE
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