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Re: Fiber Optic Information

on 1/10/00 22:55, Ryan K. Brooks at ryan@inc.net wrote:

> What do you mean by "feedline"... obviously not for RF...  do you mean for
> rotor
> control?  If so, should be no problem... even indoor multimode stuff is
> incredibly tough.   If it's not tough enough, go to a riser-rated version.

Well, you could have a fiber optic feedline for your voice or data
communications link as well.  You would need a fiber to RF converter at the
antenna.  It's not a half bad idea as you would basically be able to convert
your received RF directly to fiber and then you'd be able to receive in the
shack with virtually no loss.  You'd just need a receiver in the shack
capable of taking and converting from fiber back to RF so you can listen or
talk on your rig.  They do stuff like this in the commercial industry.  I've
not seen it for ham stuff but it could be done.



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