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Instantrack fix

Hi Dennis   (And any other that is having trouble with thefix)

I was having trouble with the fix untill I received help. Here is a
breakdown that I am using for the fix.

!-----Make a new directory. (any name---ie---Keps)
2----Load 2L2ITK.EXE into this file.
3----Load CVITK.BAT into this directory.
4----Download latest NASA 2 line keps.
5----Rename 2 linekeps to what ever you used in Instantrack before.
6----Go to MS Dos prompt
7----Type cd\  c:\keps  (enter)
8----At c:\keps, type cvitk.bat orbs07.ele  (enter)  note space after
9----There will be a new file in c:\keps called AMSAT.ITK.
10---Move new file AMSAT.ITK into the Instantrack directory.
11---Install new file amsat.itk in Instantrack as usual only use
        (Note--new amsat.itk is now Amsat style keps, not 2 line)
12---When new keps are loaded, you can delete amsat.itk and orbsxx.ele
files from c:\keps.
         (You are ready to dowload the next updated keps into c:\keps)
NOTE Download Nasa 2 line ONLY!

Hope this helps   Bert   N7TKO
Gold Bar, WA

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