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It is nice to see this being discussed!  Fiber is definitely the answer.
The ultimate solution is to run a fiber and 12 volts to your antenna mounts
and have everything else mounted out there.  Kind of like a rugged IC-901 (a
radio that had a fiber optic link between the control head and the RF units)
that has plug ins for the bands of your choice (10 meters through 24 GHz).
This data line should control the rotors as well.  If fiber is too exotic
for you we could just run a LAN cable instead.  If you live in an area
restricting the antennas replace the LAN/fiber link with a small wideband
microwave link to the yard of your buddy who lives just outside of town.

At various times the major manufactures have run 'What would you like to see
in our next radio campaigns?'  Something like this is what I always respond
with.  I am hoping that once P3D is safely in orbit we will see something
like this.

Just My Thoughts,
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