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Re: New GSC (2.03)

Thanks Jerry,

You are the 3rd or 4th to report this, so it looks like there needs to be
some updating done out there on the Windows 95 installations.

Yes, I have an excessive current drain from the receiver 8v regulator (Q55)
in my IC-475.  It had actually gotten hot enough to darken the circuit
board a bit beneath the transistor.  It is rated at 1 amp collector current
and is still maintaining the 8V.  I am having to run around the board where
ever that 8V goes and look on the other side of every resistor it goes to
to see if there is too much voltage drop indicating too much current drain
in that leg.  Only one section, the YGR module, unplugs from the supply and
after going through it, all looks well as far as I can tell.  All
semiconductor voltages look OK on it so back to the main board.

Odd thing is that the radio is working fine now.  I did find the emitter
pad on the regulator had gotten so hot the solder on it had crystallized
causing the intermittent loss of sensitivity.  I thought when I replaced
the regulator that all would be well but while the sensitivity stays
constant now the regulator still gets so hot I cannot leave a finger on it
for more than a couple of seconds.

Still looking for the culprit.  This may take a while.  Meanwhile Jerry,
K8SAT, is handling the KE6JAB traffic from Ron in Antarctica and VE4SET,
Chris is handling my Satgate traffic.

I guess 17 hours a day for 8 years is pretty good for this being the first
case of trouble in the IC-475.

> Jerry Harkins wrote:
> Roy,
> I was unaware that the latest version of windows '95 (4.00.950 B)
> contains Y2K problems.  Saw a message on KO-25
> recommending downloading the Y2K fix from microsoft
> (www.microsoft.com/windows95/downloads) .  I did and installed
> the Y2K update.  Now all is well once again... Thanks for all your help.
> Hope your get your radio problems resolved.  There
> is a message posted on the birds about your problem...
> Jerry Harkins

73, Roy

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