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"new" cheap S-band downconverter

Happy 2000!

I read on the bb a few days ago that someone had "missed out on the Drake 
2880s, and if that is true , what a shame!

However, all is definitely not lost.... I bought a box of California 
Amplifier PN 130472 downconverters at a hamfest last year for about $8 
apiece, and have successfully converted one to 144 MHz IF by simple crystal 
change. Works as well as the 2880, as far as I can see. This unit is designed 
to be mounted in a Conifer, etc, 2x3 parabolic reflector, has a built-on feed 
in a plastic radome. Almost totally cool.

Seems that the xtal oscillator wants series resonant crystals, as a crystal 
which is on the nose for the Drake is 400 KHz off in the C.A. unit.

I have a free one and a crystal for 440 MHz IF for anyone who will convert 
the PLL to work right on that xtal frequency and show me how to do it.

Mike, W1BFN
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